dermal skin treatments

We specialise in a number of dermal therapies to treat a wide variety of skin concerns.
Book in for a consultation & together we can design a treatment plan to suit your needs! 


Easily one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments around, our microdermabrasion treatment utilises a crystal system to deeply exfoliate & buff away the surface layer of dead cells on the skin. Improves skin texture, congestion, scarring, fine lines & uneven skin tone. 
- Express Micro $85
- Microdermabrasion Facial + Collagen Mask $120

LED Light Therapy

LED (Light Emitting Diode) was originally developed to fast track healing & mending in the skin. It triggers the bodies own natural responses to stimulate collagen & elastin production and promote healthy cell function, resulting in brighter, fresher skin & a reduction in fine lines. 
- Add LED to any Facial $40
- Individual LED Treatment $75

Medik8 Cocktail Peels

Skin peels help to rapidly exfoliate the skin in a non-abrasive manner & give great results with very minimal down time.
The Medik8 Cocktail peels are formulated with a combination of effective AHA's & BHA's to treat a range of specific skin concerns. 
- agePeel (anti-ageing & resurfacing) $125
- whitePeel (brightens & evens skin tone) $125
- betaPeel (targets acne & breakouts) $125

Mesoestetic Mesopeels

Our Mesopeels are an advanced range of specific chemical peels, which utilise mono-substance technology to ensure the highest quality & purity. These can be performed as a single layer peel, or as an intense double layer treatment. 
- Single Peel $125
- Double Layered Peel $135

Dermal Skin Needling

Skin needling isn't as scary as it sounds! Needling creates tiny micro-channels in the skin, triggering the natural wound healing response for overall skin rejuvenation. It also helps to break down scarring & even skin tone. 
- First Needling Session $350
  (Includes compulsory Skin Recovery homecare kit)
- Follow on Dermal Needling Treatments $250
- Add LED therapy + customised active Ampoule Infusion $50

Modified Jessner Peel

An amazing combination peel to achieve all over skin rejuvenation, the Mesoestetic Modified Jessner is one of our personal favourites to help restore luminosity to dull, lacklustre skin. A combination of lactic, salicylic & citric acids will help hydrate, exfoliate & brighten. 
- Single Treatment $125

Mesoéclat Skin Rejuvenation System

The Mesoéclat system is a series of intensive skin rejuvenation treatments that work directly on the signs of skin fatigue & ageing. Each treatment consists of 3 complimentary systems that aim to stimulate skin renewal & resurfacing, increase luminosity, deeply moisturise & soften fine lines. 
- 5 Mesoéclat Peels + Crystal Fiber Masks + Homecare $POA

*Please note that a course of 5 treatments is required, and treatment will not be performed without correct homecare. 

Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment

Cosmelan is a one off treatment designed to dramatically reduce all types of pigmentation concerns including melasma. This incredible peel is suitable for all skin fitzpatrick types, and will minimise pigmentation,  even skin tone, increase luminosity & inhibit the product of melanin in the skin. 
- Cosmelan Peel + Homecare + Cosmelan 2 Cream $POA

*Please note that treatment will not be performed without correct homecare & a strict home protocol must be followed. 

A selection of these treatments will require your skin to be adequately prepped in salon with a
Clinical Facial prior to commencing the more intense dermal therapies. 


Prepaid treatment plan discounts available