Couperend Maintenance Cream

Couperend Maintenance Cream


A daily moisturiser for sensitive skin that helps to diffuse redness & visible surface microcapillaries. Its soothing and decongestant action helps to minimize skin irritation and redness.


Directions for Use

In the morning and/or evening after cleansing, toning & serum application, apply a small amount of moisturiser to face, neck and decolletage, avoiding eye area. Use light, upward strokes and allow cream to absorb.  In the morning, complement the treatment by applying sun protection afterwards. .


Key Ingredients

Centella Asiatica - Regenerating, moisturising & protective.
Sweet Clover Extract - Vasoprotective & anti-inflammatory.
Cranberry Extract - Protects capillary permeability.
Troxerutin - A flavanoid derived from the Japanese Pagoda tree, increases vein tone & strengthens capillary walls.
Hesperidin - Venoprotective.

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