Rosemarymint Body Cleanser

Rosemarymint Body Cleanser


A refreshing body cleanser uniquely formulated with certified organic aloe leaf juice and Australian indigenous 'superberries'. Designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your entire body whilst awakening the senses. Infused with Australian indigenous superberries to improve skin texture and tone.
Certified organic content: 82%


Directions for Use

Can be used in the shower, or added to running water for a bubble bath. Apply a small amount into the palms of your hands and lather to provide a refreshing all over body cleanse.
For a more exfoliating cleanse, apply with a natural loofah or mix with a small amount of the black rice scrub.


Key Ingredients

Tazman Pepper, Riberry & Mutari Berry - Soothes whilst providing immediate and longer term hydration. These three wise berries also act as a potent antioxidant.
Rosemary essential oil - With mild antibacterial properties and a fortifying effect on the body, rosemary essential oil provides a tonic effect as well as providing a rich cleansing aroma that stimulates the senses boosting mental clarity.
Peppermint Essential Oil - Awakening and enlivening, peppermint essential oil provides a cleansing and cooling effect to the skin.

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